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Lady Zalitha bes Kasteyao



It is true Zalitha is not being played any longer. However, her creation and embellishment was, for me, a pleasurable act of creativity. I am leaving her and Superstition's pages up for that reason, and to help myself remember her with happiness... I've always considered bitterness a waste of time and emotional effort. =)

I also wished some fashion of thanking those generous and good-hearted people that were kind enough to send me things concerning Zalitha, that expressed for them how she moved them -- it always made me feel both tremendously proud and somewhat humbled that she was able to inspire others on occasion... I shall attempt to include all the lovely gifts I've been sent here on this web site (as fast as I can code them in =). My most sincere thanks to you all.


Zalitha stands a slender 6' tall, her creamy white fur velvety soft. Her large, slightly tilted eyes are a richly glowing emerald green, and thickly framed with eyelashes. Her high-cheekboned, beautiful face and serene smile give her a look of quiet good humor. Her headfur is an abundant mane of rippling, fiery red traced with the occasional thread of brilliant gold, tumbling luxuriantly half-way down her back, between her wings, with a few errant locks curling over her shoulders. Her tousled forelock occasionally falls rakishly across one eye, and rising gracefully from her forehead is a long, twisting horn with an opaline sheen, blushed with gold. Her movements are so smooth and elegant as to be almost a dance, a sensuous pleasure to watch.

Her wings arch gracefully behind her, shining and silken. The softer down quivers slightly, gleaming pearl, with the faint breeze of her movement, while the powerful flight feathers are the same color as her horn, shimmering opal and gold in the light. Her long tail, with its plumed end-tuft of fiery red, is carried proudly, and her fingernails, like her delicate little cloven hooves, have the same pearlescent shimmer as her horn.

For daily wear she is usually adorned with a sari-like garment; the shining emerald silk brings out the brilliance of her eyes. The cloth is very fine, not quite sheer, delicately embroidered in gold with ornate, swirling designs of great artistry. It falls, rippling, from her small waist, and is drawn up over her front to drift lightly over one shoulder. The long, fluttering end trails down between her wings, making a gleaming foil to her fiery scarlet mane. Each swaying, graceful step causes a faint chiming, caused by a decorated anklet above one small, light-footed cloven hoof, and myriad beaten gold, silver, and jeweled bracelets grace each slender wrist. Beautiful rings adorn many of her fingers, and bright jewels wink at her exquisitely small ears and lovely throat.

On her left shoulder rides a small, curious creature with tiny eyes, wide-spread quivering whiskers, and large, sensitive ears that twitch about like little radar dishes. His sable fur is short and thick, like black velveteen. His tail is semi-prehensile, and he uses it and his slender grasping toes to cling to Zalitha's shoulder, half hidden by her lustrous, fiery mane.

He chitters softly, his large, radar-dish ears swiveling towards you and his whiskers twitching inquisitively. Zalitha smiles with quiet pleasure and lightly scritches behind one delicate ear, causing him to mhrr with delight and lean into her.


For slightly more dangerous situations, Zalitha tends to dress accordingly. She wears a snugly belted tunic on her upper torso which reaches down to mid-thigh. Hanging from her belt on her right hip is a custom designed holster holding a gracefully shaped flechette pistol, and on her left hip is a finely made dagger with her family crest etched into the pommel. Her tunic is cut so as to not inhibit her wings, in a sort of halter-top style, and it gleams a dark blue that catches occasional brilliant metallic highlights. It has soft, dove grey trim, and in the upper left is a stylized, mingled K and S. Under that Zalitha wears a long-sleeved, flowing ivory silk shirt, in the same halter-top design, with beautifully embroidered high collar and cuffs that echo the stylized initials on the tunic.

On her slender hands are leather gloves that cover her forearms up to the elbows, in the same burnished metallic blue. They're lined with dove grey silk, and carefully worked into the edging is the same design as on her tunic. Finally, on her lower legs, she has elegantly crafted blue leather shin wraps buckled on.

Of course, if things got really dangerous Superstition did not wish harm to come to her friend and partner... and so she would teleport in a tiny (for her =) portion of herself in which to envelop the Lady...

You'd see only a large, only vaguely humanoid form, a Giger-esque organic figure out of nightmare. It stands 9' or 10' tall, with enormous, somewhat bat-like wings. Even folded up, as the wings currently are, the 'wrist' joints reach easily up above the figure's height, and the light-streaming wing tips almost brush the ground in the back. The large, multi-faceted insect eyes glow a dark reddish hue, lit from some inner fire, and the heavily clawed, huge feet grip the ground solidly.

The outer 'skin' is dark, sometimes rough textured and sometimes gleaming like chiton. Light is both soaked up by the matte-black surfaces, and shimmering across the chitonous parts of the armor in messy, colorful streaks, like oil on water. Sharp, spiky protrusions mass down all the back planes, giving it a heavy, rather hulking look that is only accentuated by the neatly tucked, heavily clawed, mantis-like forearms. The figure's skin has an unpleasant tendency to appear to crawl or ooze slightly, reforming itself constantly in small, disturbing ways. In spite of its bulky shape it moves lightly as a dancer, with startling, insect swiftness.



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