The Personnel of Superstition:

Kev'koroq Mador-Gyaran, gan'sha of Ghankhat


Kev'koroq slithers sinuously towards you, his slitted eyes unblinkingly bright and his bifurcate tongue flickering slightly. He smiles, his fangs baring unwittingly even as his demeanor brightens, as he hisses softly to Zalitha, "Hello, Princsess!" A moment later he swiftly flickers his bifurcate tongue out once again, as if tasting your scent, then nods and smiles to you, with warm welcome in his eyes. Dryness, heat, a slight hint of dust... this human/copperhead morph reminds you of the desert.

Kev'koroq Mador-Gyaran has smooth, darkly gleaming bronze skin, slitted topaz eyes, and short-cropped, bright copper-colored hair. Tattooed across his high cheekbones are several scarlet slashes. He generally stands about six feet tall, depending on how high he raises his body. His human upper torso is wiry and muscled, and his right arm, from the shoulder down, is formed of a matte-black, chiton-like substance. At about the waist or hips his human shape smoothly morphs into a powerful snake's body. The thick, strong torso slowly tapers off into easily 18 to 20 feet of long, serpentine tail. His winding, sinuous body is emblazoned across the back with gleaming, curved diamonds of shining copper with brassy highlights, on a deep bronze background that fades softly to a warm ivory across his belly scales.

As he slithers, his scales give off a soft sibilance. When he stops moving, he slips into an unnervingly absolute, unblinking stillness... yet when you meet his eyes they are warm, and even though the fangs show his smile is sincere.

Kev'koroq is wearing a snugly belted, fitted tunic on his upper torso. It gleams a dark blue that catches occasional brilliant metallic highlights, with soft dove grey trim. In the upper left is a stylized, mingled K and S.

Perhaps in the future I can persuade Kev'koroq to tell you aught of his homeworld -- he is a good storyteller -- but we must save that for another time...


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