Superstition's Observation Room

The Space Whale Superstition

You stroll easily into...

Superstition's Crew Quarters


Along the walls of this long, narrow room runs an approximately 3 foot high shelf or sitting area, liberally slathered with pillows, tapestries, and furs. At foot level, often hidden by the draperies lying on the shelf, can be seen irising cupboard doors. Set back above the room-encircling seat are a large number of small alcoves, each with its own separate circular iris. Each alcove is filled with comfortable bedding -- downy quilts, thick feather filled mattresses, and animal skins -- large enough to comfortably hold 2 or 3 sleeping people, just high ceilinged enough for a tall fur to crouch but not stand. The irises are usually open to the room, but at sleep time are closed.

A gurgling, rushing sound passes by outside the room you are in...

The interior of the hall itself is heavily decorated -- colorful carpets on the floor, embroidered edging on the ever-present animal skins, slender pillars running from ceiling to floor that are both shaped and covered in decorations. Even the warm, slightly glowing walls and ceiling are formed into a myriad of jewel-like colors and fantastic shapes, rather like a Moorish palace. Everything is decorated, and the plethora of ornamentation -- including carvings, hung weapons, trophies, and banners -- gives the hall a curiously cozy feel.

The plaintive strains of mellow harmonica waft lazily through the room...

The ceiling arches high above you, in fantastic scallops and fanciful arabesques shimmering with myriad sparkling hues. Looking down, you see your feet are sinking comfortably into an extravagance of thick-furred animal skins and resplendent carpets scattered abundantly amongst the pillars. Through the slender, radiant pillars you can see the heavily embellished and bedecked walls. Behind you, you catch a glimpse of the lustrous opulence of Superstition's observation room.

The sitting shelf is crowded with draped fleeces, warm animal skins, and scattered cushions. The occasional multicolored comforter, or hastily tossed article of clothing, shows in opened alcoves. There is a homey, slightly rumpled coziness here. Sitting neatly coiled on the shelf you see Kev'koroq. He looks up with shy interest at your approach, setting aside the fine, dully gleaming knife and whetstone in his hands.

At the far end of the hall you see seamless, glowing wall -- surely there should be some kind of exit? There is an odd certainty in your mind that you could exit if you pleased there... just ask Superstition, and the wall would iris open to the transportation pod that would carry you effortlessly throughout Superstition. Yes... and here also you can ask Superstition for food or drink, and as before a pillar would open, and your culinary desire would await you.


The colorfully glowing wall rifts open before you; come, we will continue our explorations. You step through into the lift.
You would prefer to return to the observation room? But of course... this way, please.