Superstition's Observation Room

The Space Whale Superstition

Superstition's Main Observation Room


Superstition's main observation room is a small, almost cozy-feeling conversation pit. The walls are warm and soft to the touch, and glow gently with an inner light that occasionally changes hues and colors. One entire, slightly concave section of wall is clear, and appears to extend further, both above and below the level of this room. Periodically something seems to iris across it. With a slight shock, you realize you're probably seeing through part of one of Superstition's eyes.

You get a vague mental feeling of something nearby... calm, placid, unworried... and big.

A jewel-colored Persian rug lies on the floor, with a low, engraved brass table set upon it. The table is intricately inlaid with ebony, gold, and silver. One of the inlays is an ideogram of a bowl. Also on the table are a few decorative dishes filled with some tasty snacks and fruit, and a holo-player with a small rack of chips. Pillows, cushions, and bolsters with silky tassels or fringes are heaped around the table, their embroidered velvets and satins gleaming ruby, emerald, hyacinth, gold, purple, and ivory.

The walls shimmer slightly, and for a moment the room is flooded with jewel-toned light.

Stevie is most often found here in this room... Little Stevie Maravilla is a Felis domesticus morph -- a small, black-furred cat-man. He's a cool cat indeed, a very relaxed customer... his startlingly white, blind eyes are covered by dark shades that frame his ebony-furred face. His smile is always good-natured, his demeanor easy-going... he smiles with warmth in your direction and greets you pleasantly, introducing himself as Stevie, Superstition's musician/pilot. His long, expressive tail twitches lazily, as if he hears a different drummer than the rest of us... indeed, when not speaking he seems to croon or sing to himself almost constantly in a pleasant tenor. Occasionally he'll pull out the harmonica tucked into the elegant cut of his comfortable pants and play melodious, wistful tunes... he's a relaxing cat to hang around with.

As you nod to him, he waves a lazy greeting with one hand, still playing sweet, melodious harmonica... or perhaps this time he seems completely unaware of his surroundings, but merely sits humming dreamily to himself, lost in his music. When he does chose to talk, his speech is clever and intelligent, not quite laconic... he's always pleasant to be around. His scent reminds one of soft fur, good times, smooth whiskey, and maybe smokey jazz...

When you look up you see the ceiling arching high above you, as vivid and lustrous as a cathedral's stained glass window. The resplendent Persian carpet underneath you is soft and velvety to the touch, and the sundry vivid, multicolored pillows invite cozy repose. Looking forward, you can see through Superstition's huge eye -- into the dark splendor of space.

To your right you catch a glimpse through a tapestry-hung opening, of a long, pillared room, alight with warmth and comfort. It's the entrance to the crew quarters. All around you the seamless, organic-looking walls glow gently with rippling color. Surely only a moment ago there was an opening there? Then again, considering that outside is empty, utter vacuum, the lack of an opening seems suddenly much safer...

Stevie's light, melodious tenor can be heard, singing softly and pleasantly...

The small holo-player is a link to Furry Space's main Library Computer on Prime. Also, if you're hungry or thirsty, Superstition is happy to oblige. All you need do is think of what you would like, and Superstition will provide...

At your very thought, an aperture in the wall hisses slightly as it opens, and the rich, enticing scent of your desired food wafts out, extended to you on a steady pseudopod. Off of that tentacle another, smaller pseudopod extends to you a goblet brimming with the drink of your choice.

Eat, drink, be rested. When you are ready, we will tour the ship.


Are you ready to explore Superstition? Very well then... this way. We will stroll past the lovely embroidered tapestry, through the opening that grows or shrinks as needed to comfortably accomodate all... into the crew's quarters.
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