The Space Whale 'Superstition'

A largish, somewhat dolphin-shaped form appears to almost swim up next to you. It hovers -- smooth, graceful, a dark slate-grey in color. It winks, then splits hugely wide as it opens its 'mouth' and envelops you. For a moment all is warm, dark, reassuring -- almost womb-like, and then -- there is light.

planet from space

Starlight is a faint light to see by, of course. A clear area opens in the front of your space dolphin's body, like a viewscreen, and you realize you are being carried swiftly, undulating through the velvety dark immensity of space. The stars are almost painfully bright, whirling sparks of distant fire. Closer by a large sun glows like gold, another is a diamond pinprick of actinic light; you realize this is a binary star system. Distant planets wheel and dance about the yellow star in glorious profusions of color, jewels against the velvety darkness.

The space dolphin slows, mentally 'feeling' your desire to examine your destination, Superstition, more closely. You hear in your mind a soft, musical voice murmur, "Welcome, visitor, to my home system of Proxima Centauri, and to my friend and associate, Superstition."

Superstition is a space whale -- immense, graceful, and leisurely. Her balanced shape is a bit indeterminate, since there are a plethora of enormous, symmetrical wings or sails all along her huge body that she deploys as needed or desired. The many eyes are almost startling: large, serene, and sentient, they regard you with unfathomable calm. Her skin changes in color and texture even as you watch. There's the diaphanous iridescence of the energy sails as well as the variations along her extensive sides: from the soft, multicolored smoothness of leather to a light- and energy-soaking blackness identical to space itself, from a reflective sheen much like ceramic to the gorgeously multi-finned, light- and color-emitting streamers of her trailing, banner-like tail.

As if on command, information drifts into your wondering mind...

Classification: Space Whale
Variant: Defined by Lady bes Kasteyao as a sentient
Registry: Kasteyao/Superstition Inc.
Dimensions: 1000m (l), 400m (h), 200m (w) [approximations only, size varies]
Approximate Weight: Incalculable (density of creature varies unpredictably/erratically)
Powersource: Unknown, possibly uses extruded 'sails' to collect light or energy
Propulsion: Unknown. Appears to 'swim' when slower than light. Appears to teleport with extreme accuracy for interstellar distances
Astrogation: Unknown, displays sentient behavior
Communications: Possible symbiont "Stevie Maravilla"
Sensors: Unknown, possibly eyes
Crew Capacity: Unknown, currently carries less than 5 known 'regulars'
Armament: Unknown, no weaponry detected, possible biting wit? =)
Armor: Unknown, no armor detected
Defenses: Has displayed ability to apparently 'vanish'

The occasional space whale or two drifts slowly and majestically nearby, with circling escorts of cheerful space dolphins dancing and drifting about them, pausing to rub gently up against each other in apparent greeting, then merrily flowing on. The dolphin in which you ride seems to aim directly for Superstition's immense, unseamed side, and just as you are sure you must crash, a huge tentacle grows from Superstition's side and envelops your dolphin, just as it enveloped you. Again, a warm, almost comforting darkness, and then, again... there is light.


You have entered Superstition's observation room.
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