The Personnel of Superstition:

Solbiort Freyjasdottir, Valkyrior of Midgard


Solbiort strides proudly into the room, glancing around her with wary, almost disdainful amber eyes. She brings the scent of open air with her, cool and fresh, like the wind off of snow-capped mountains. A crisp nod to you, "Greetinks," and she flips a casual, half-military salute your way.

Solbiort Freyjasdottir is a gryphon morph, powerfully muscled and sturdily built. She stands over 7', excluding her feather-tufted, pointed ears. Her humanoid upper torso is thickly covered with snow-white feathers, and her commanding eagle eyes are a cool, disdainful amber. Her cruelly clawed fingers and sharp beak are vivid gold, and her mighty wings are as coldly white as the feathers on her head and torso. Her lion hindquarters are topaz-furred; her strong feet are tipped with large ivory claws that grip the ground firmly. Her demeanor is restless, almost disdainfully frowning, her black-tufted tail twitches frequently.

Soli is dressed in well worn, heavily decorated flying leathers. Her snug breeches end just above her hocks, brilliant with defiant, protective runes and scarlet, gold edged slashes. The emblazon on the heavy, wool-lined jacket is a stylized creature with 4 wings and 4 limbs, snarling wildly in flight, its body twisted and impossibly intertwined, with mad red eyes and a slavering mouth. The decorative fur fringes, the buttons, feathers, and woven bits of silk all flare with colors -- silvery glow, iridescent peacock green, lustrous deep purple...

Heavily embellished, long, heavy leather gloves are tucked neatly into the ornamented, metal-studded belt slung easily across her graceful hips. Hanging from the belt on the left is a sigil-decorated leather scabbard which carries a nicely balanced sword with a well-worn, wrapped handle. Soli also bears a large, no-nonsense shotgun-style blaster rifle slung across her back.

Perhaps in the future I can persuade Soli to tell you aught of her homeworld -- but we must save that for another time...


Return to the docking pod with me, and we shall continue our explorations of Superstition.