Gifts from Friends, and Other Morphs of

Lady Zalitha bes Kasteyao

(in chronological order, from most recent)


Ellik's player gave me the following beautiful piece he created himself. I was simply speechless when I received it... especially when he explained all the subtle nuances of the artwork to me. Ask him about it sometime... I regret the web and the thumbnail don't do his work justice.

This is off the Lackey & Alexander CD "Freedom, Flight, & Fantasy," given to me by a dear friend. All he would say was that it would explain better than he could how sorry he was for what happened to me, and he wished me to put it up as "anonymous sympathies" from him, here.


Music by Leslie Fish
Lyrics by Mercedes Lackey
Vocals by Heather Alexander

It's the choices that you make-
and the ones that you don't-
that define what you will be...
what you are and what you see.
All the promises you've kept-
and the ones that you break-
all the things that you have bound up or set free.

Every nexus on the road-
every branching path-
means a choice you can't refuse...
even chosing not to chose.
For the now becomes the past-
you have passed the node-
and to win can be a different way to lose.

It's so hard to see ahead-
though behind it is clear-
if you'd only known that then...
but there is no start again.
You cannot erase the stains
on the life you have led
and the path of now will change the path of when.

All the things you can't forget-
all the harm that you've done-
when you failed to be a friend...
when you broke but did not mend.
Can you learn the lesson there?
do more than just regret-
or deceive yourself with all that you pretend.

It's a spiral helix flow-
never twice the same-
only once you pass this way...
you can never hope to stay.
Let the chisel carve the stone-
form the best that you know-
for you sculpt tomorrow by your choice today.

Rokhan's player went to SDCC, and returned with a gorgeous piece of artwork of Zalitha, done by Vicky Wyman... Rokhan, you're such a sweetie! He knows that the initial "look" of Zalitha was based on Ms. Wyman's inspiringly beautiful Xanadu stories, which I highly recommend! I think of it as "Young Zalitha." Click on the thumbnail for the entire piece. =)

These images were created and sent as a gift by Ben Mouse's player. It is true that neither Ben nor Zalitha were wolves, but the graphics were so powerful and hauntingly compelling that I asked permission from Ben to put them up here regardless. =)

This was sent to me by Rennyn's player... it was beautifully intimate enough that I wanted to be sure I had permission before I put it up. The player writes: "I wasn't sure if I'd ever actually say this, but I was in the mood to write last night, and this is what ensued.. :)"

Know this, all of you. This is the woman that I loved. With all that my soul has to offer and every whisper of my heart, I loved her. But fate is a cruel mistress and she bore my love away from me. Every part of me that still lives cries out for her soulful glances, her whispered words of love, and the few stolen moments that we had together. When my thoughts linger on the moments that we spent, my heart breaks anew, and more of me dies.

Such a woman as her there can be only one in thousands of years. She survived through a life that would have destroyed the spirits of most. But no, she didn't survive, she excelled, and the woman that was the result is more than anyone could ever ask for... or hope for.

Strong willed, fiercely loyal, selfless beyond measure. But the part of her that I loved best was the tender part. Loving, gentle, kind. I have been blessed to know this wonderous woman, and everafter she shall be my light. In a world that is cold, lonely and dark, she is a beacon of hope, of salvation, and I shall never forget what she has give me. Her greatest legacy... the memory of her love. I shall cherish it always...

I have permission from Ironclaw's player to put up the following comment he made once to the Lady Zalitha... both she and I thought it suited him nicely. =)

"Mein engel tritt esel!"
(My angel kicks ass! =)

This arose due to a passing comment I made to Buran's player about the ITG logo... she'd asked what it looked like. I replied that while there was no official logo per se, I'd imagined it as ebony and antique gold (the ITG colors while I was guildmistress), with the ITG initials in gracefully intertwined calligraphy.

Approximately an hour later she asked me to take a look at this... I was astonished at how quickly she'd captured the rough image in my head -- as well as quite gratified! =)

Thank you so much, Buran. It's both odd and sad how sometimes it's not till after a disaster one realizes what good friends one has.

(Copyright © 1998 Jennifer Sarantites)

This song was sent to me by Ellik's player. Thank you, dear... you've been a truly good hearted person throughout this whole fiasco. =)

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This was sent to me by Buran's player. I think she captured nicely part of what Zalitha strove for, as far as cooperation and shared enjoyment in gaming. She also sent the song, as sung by Elton John, but I've yet to figure out how to code that in here... =)

Candle In The Wind 1997

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Performed at Princess Diana's funeral, Saturday September 6, 1997
Lyrics rewritten (in a minor way) by Jennifer Sarantites
For a dear friend, and the hope that love endures.
Original lyrics

Goodbye Furry's rose
May you live on in our hearts
You were so brave to place yourself
Where lives were torn apart
You called out to our goodness
And you whispered to those in pain
Now you belong to heaven
And the stars spell out your name

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
Your name will always be revered here
When the fires of the stars are stilled
Your candle's burned out long before
Your legend ever will

Loveliness we've lost
These empty days without your smile
This torch we'll always carry
For FurrySpace's golden child
And even though we try
The truth brings us to tears
All our words cannot express
The joy you brought us through the years

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
Your name will always be revered here
When the fires of the stars are stilled
Your candle's burned out long before
Your legend ever will

This toon by the anonymous FSN political cartoonist was an entirely unexpected, if very personally touching, gift.

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This was the outfit Zalitha wore formally... I think she only wore it to a friend's wedding, and to a nice dinner with Slipstream once... we ended up spending a bit of time at the Assembly that night, which was quite flattering, as it acquainted me personally with the meaning of the phrase 'look spam.' =)

It was, in fact, due to that occurrence that Loki commissioned Turbine Divinity to paint the following piece. That's the constellation Cetus, the Whale, behind her. This scan is but a thumbnail -- click on it to see it in its entirety. Needless to say, I was STUNNED when Loki gave it to me... =)

Lady Zalitha stands a slender 6' tall, her creamy white fur velvety soft. Her large, slightly tilted eyes are a richly glowing, brilliant emerald green, and thickly framed with eyelashes. Her movements are so smooth and elegant as to be almost a dance, a sensuous pleasure to watch. Huge wings arch gracefully behind her, shining and silken. The softer down quivers slightly, gleaming pearl, with the faint breeze of her gentle breathing. The powerful flight feathers, like her spiraling horn, glow opaline blushed with gold, but have a faint rainbow prismatic sparkle at the edges. Her long tail, with its plumed end-tuft of fiery scarlet, is carried proudly, and her fingernails have the same opalescent shimmer as her horn.

Lady Zalitha's splendid, lissome form is wrapped in a silken ebony sheath whose elegant shimmer sleekly highlights her every supple curve. The sumptuous glow of exquisite golden lace overlays the entire gleaming, midnight dress, adding a luxurious sheen to the lady's lithe movements, and glittering richly at the edges of the raised collar framing her high-cheekboned, beautiful, distant face. Her abundant mane of rippling, fiery red is piled artistically, pinned with a scintillating spray of diamonds. More diamonds glitter opulently at her slender throat and small ears, and sparkle on her pale fingers, barely visible past the gold embroidered edges of her long, form-fitting sleeves. The dress ripples to the ground and pools slightly...

She raises her elegant head with serene grace and gazes coolly at you for a moment, the slender fingers of one hand sensuously trailing through an errant scarlet curl... then with a courtly nod, she turns and moves lithely away, her willowy form swaying with smooth suppleness.

This was casual wear for Zalitha, when she was working on things in the ITG offices. It was a fun suit to wear, since a very good friend was particularly fond of the look. =)

Lady Zalitha stands a slender 6' tall, her creamy white fur velvety soft. Her large, slightly tilted eyes are a richly glowing emerald green, and thickly framed with eyelashes. Her high-cheekboned, beautiful face and serene smile give her a look of quiet good humor. Her headfur is an abundant mane of rippling, fiery red traced with the occasional thread of brilliant gold, tumbling luxuriantly half-way down her back, between her wings, with a few errant locks curling over her shoulders. Her tousled forelock occasionally falls rakishly across one eye, and rising gracefully from her forehead is a long, twisting horn with an opaline sheen, blushed with gold. Her movements are so smooth and elegant as to be almost a dance, a sensuous pleasure to watch.

Her wings arch gracefully behind her, shining and silken. The softer down quivers slightly, gleaming pearl, with the faint breeze of her movement, while the powerful flight feathers are the same color as her horn, shimmering opal and gold in the light. Her long tail, with its plumed end-tuft of fiery red, is carried proudly, and her fingernails, like her delicate little cloven hooves, have the same pearlescent shimmer as her horn.

Lady Zalitha is wearing a gleaming ebon shipsuit, black as night, with antique gold trim. On the left breast is the attractively stylized ITG logo, and on each shoulder in a similar mode is an intertwined K and S. Her fur gleams snowy white against the softly sheening ebon highlights of the suit, which fits her lithe curves like a second skin. There are large pockets on the thighs, and a well-laden belt slung about her smooth hips carries several technical tools. The suit zips from hip to throat, and is currently partly undone, giving her a rather casually sensuous look.

This was the intended morph for Halloween... the first part is the morph message. Needless to say, it was fun to write! =)

Zalitha purrs, low and husky as the jealous shadows leap to greedily obscure her slender form -- then slowly, grudgingly slither back to reveal her once again...

Zalitha stands, lithely supple, before you. Huge wings vault gracefully, cathedral-arch swoops behind her. Ravens-wing black, their inky sheen the deepest blue in the greedily caressing light, touches of burnished gold edging each powerful flight feather; a blackness deep and lavish, inviting you to drown within their darkly gleaming depths... a suitable foil for so sumptuous a gem within their shadowy depths.

Lush ebony fur, velvet-thick, and slow, sensuous movements in an elegantly alluring dance that beguiles for a closer touch, even as instinct warns you coldly away... Her chest rises and falls gently with her slow, deliberate breathing, animating her splendidly lissome form. Her proudly spiraling horn, her curving fingernails, and her delicate cloven hooves gleam polished black marble threaded with molten, burnished gold. Her supple hips sway alluringly with every graceful step, and her golden shoes chime dissonantly upon all but the most heavily carpeted floors. Her long tail twitches slowly and regularly, with the deliberate intensity of a lioness on the prowl -- for some suitably amusing prey. The plumed end-tuft glows the same rich, deepest cobalt blue that shimmers in the thick, heavy mane tumbling luxuriantly about her shoulders and down her back.

She tosses her head proudly, and her forelock slides, a lover's caress, to cover one eye as she slowly turns her head... she casts a smouldering gaze over one smooth, bare shoulder at your regard.

The eyes in that beautiful, distant face -- uncanny -- a cold finger slowly caressed down the spine... can they even be truly called eyes? There are no pupils at all, simply a burnished gold that fills the entire socket, sprinkled with tiny, glowing, jet black stars; an enchanted photo-negative of the cold vacuum of space. Her moist, full lips curve slowly, sardonically at your gaze, although no emotion is echoed in those empty golden eyes. The slender, jet-black fingers of one hand sensuously trail through an errant cobalt curl; the lightest caress of the tip of her tongue on those lovely, enigmatic lips... then she turns away with effortless grace, her drifting attention cool with winter's indifference.


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