Some quick info on the Nagant

1895 Nagant Pistol


Model of 1895, designed by the Belgian arms expert Mssr. Paul Nagant. His revolvers are unique in that they have a "gas seal": the cylinder closes against the barrel and the brass casing slides inside, creating a two layer seal. Doing this ensures little propellant gas is lost in firing. The pistol was adopted by the Czar's army in 1895 and continued in production until the end of The War.

The particular pistol I used was made in 1943 by the Tula arsenal in Russia, and was purchased by my friend apparently "New in Box" in 1994. Purchase price then was $100.00 even.

Caliber: 7.62 mm double-action Soviet revolver
Ammunition: Type 'R'; 108 gr bullet, 14 gr charge
Length: 9.06 in
Weight (unloaded): 1.65 lb
Feed device: 7 round cylinder
Muzzle velocity: 892 fps


Last Updated: Thur, February 10, 2000