The Space Whale Superstition

You duck under a heavy, leafy bough and step carefully through an almost cave-like aperture, then straighten in the pool room... a crystalline drop of water makes a musical plink! as it hits the pool's surface. The bright stones in the shallow end of the pool glitter and wink like jewels, and a slight breeze brings the rich scent of moisture and lush foliage to you...

Superstition's Pool


This room is much smaller and more private than the garden room, but is just as glowingly, verdantly alive. Lush ferns flourish in mossy banks, spilling down to frame a silvery pool. The air is sweet with the scent of jewel-like flowers, and a single large, low, flat rock provides bathers with a place to lay their accouterments, or perhaps themselves to dry... or maybe for a few close friends to spread a picnic. The pool itself gleams as reflectively as a mirror, with the occasional diamond drop of water from the low, mossy ceiling plinking musically, spreading gleaming ripples across its surface.

The tranquil blue glow of reflected water dances, glimmering, on the low, cloistered vault overhead. By the waveless shore tiny pebbles sparkle and shine like submerged jewels. The scintillating water gleams faintly azure, fading into a mysterious duskiness in the subterranean far end of the pool...


Flowers nod their resplendent blooms in glowing, multicolored banks, and lush, moist ferns in thriving clusters frame the shining, silvery pool. Something splashes quietly out at the far edge of the pool, although it's gone by the time you look over there. You see only the dancing highlights of reflected water glowing off the gentle curve of ceiling, melding seamlessly into wall, sliding smoothly below the dusky water.

A small wave washes against the shore, although you don't see anything that might have caused it...


A large, low boulder settled comfortably into the soft, emerald moss offers itself as seat or table. As you glance about, a graceful swirl of water eddies the pool's calm surface as a small golden fish surfaces for a moment. The walls and ceiling shimmer in watery blue-green tones of color.



The intoxicating, rich scent of flowers and fruit hints at the verdant garden beyond.