Lt. Papagallo sin Verguenza

Author's note: Papagallo sin Verguenza translates literally from Spanish as 'father rooster without embarrassment' and idiomatically as 'shameless parrot'.

Papagallo sin Verguenza is a large, gorgeously colored blue and scarlet macaw. He's about 2' tall, and his long, full tail easily adds another 5' to his overall length. He's got matte-gold lieutenant's bars neatly dyed along his dark, royal blue shoulder feathers. His dexterous, clawed feet and powerful curved beak are a bright, healthy yellow-gold, and he has a small, decorated, soft leather pouch or wallet on a matching leather collar that's around his neck.

Papagallo is a modified macaw - so instead of living only about 100 to 120 years he may (if he's lucky) live almost twice that. He's a middle-aged 97 years old right now. ;-)

On his right ankle he has a tiny, jeweled anklet; on his left a small leather holster with a deceptively tiny pistol in it. When you look at him, he raises his brilliant, scarlet crest and tilts his head sideways to look at you, a wickedly knowing gleam of amusement in his eyes.

He'll be happy to brag to you, "I can pilot both atmospheric and space vehicles like nobody's business and I can do 3 dimensional higher mathematics in my head on the fly, I can navigate competently, I can start an argument in every one of the multiple languages I know, I can do damn fine ship repairs in both a pinch and a tight spot that most furries can't get into due to their size, I can keep the books and I don't cheat-" he grins and winks, "-if you're nice to me -- I have an eye for the pretty ladies, and I can drink a glass of rum and still fly a straight line -- if it's a small glass!"

He flips his scarlet crest up, grinning again, then takes another deep breath and continues, "I don't start fights and I don't leave my friends behind, I can't carry a tune but I can carry a line of reasoning, carry your books, carry forward, carry a crowd, carry on, carry over, Cary Grant, Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny, carry an unrequited torch, carry a gun, or carry any cargo you want, anywhere you want! Whatever the job, I'm your macaw! So... could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?" He grins wickedly and winks at you.

With apologies to Hawkeye in M*A*S*H, and Casablanca... they'll survive my tiny parody! ;-)

I played this character only for a very short while, unfortunately. One of his ship-mates was a Jaggiri named Tsurukh, and here's some very nice art of her and Papagallo. You'll have to use your back button on the menu bar to return to this page.


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Papagallo copyright © 1998 B. A. "Collie" Collier