The Space Whale Superstition

A circular breach swells open in the lift pod wall in front of you, and you step into...

Superstition's Healing Room


This small, oval room is warm and comfortable, and the muted colors on the walls move with relaxing slowness. There is very little to distract the eye here -- just a number of long, slender slits, centered in several gently pulsing, vertical outward bulges, like veins in the wall.

One of the slits is partially open, revealing an empty, soft-walled, dim cylinder of maybe eight feet in height and four feet in diameter. Another of the veins is swollen and large, and appears to have an individual floating freely within it, although it is hard to see through the 'skin.' The sound of moving liquid nearby is like a rippling stream, and the room smells pleasantly of flowers and green things.

The veins on the walls bulge and pulse slightly, as a rush of liquid passes through them...

You see seamless, glowing wall -- surely only a moment ago there was an opening there? The low ceiling is gently, soothingly luminescent, and the wall glows with a gentle radiance. Even the floor glows mutedly. There is a long, curving swell along the warm, malleable wall, like a comfortable couch that invites relaxation and repose. Several massive veins run vertically through the room, extending beyond both floor and ceiling. They throb languidly, swollen with liquid.


Let us continue our explorations. To the lift, yes?