Dakini Stardancer



Through trial does one's inner spirit flower.
A heavy world begins her education;
this poisoned land the foolish will devour.

Through trial does one's body grow to power.
Fire's daughter struggles, cries out in frustration
At calmly training monks within this tower.

Strict training, endless trials, on the hour
'til dimly reason spies her planned formation
so patiently developing her power.

In such a forge the fiery sparks bright shower
About the hammered blade; examination
Reveals true steel, tempered within the glower.

Through training does one's inner spirit flower
The warrior monks inspire close imitation,
love and respect; her spirit will not sour.

Inner fortitude the monks empower
Strength of mind and will her motivation
Through training does one's inner spirit flower;
Through trial does one's body grow to power.



She walks the gentle warrior's way; insight,
Compassion, and precision cultivates.
Her mothers now wish her to learn to fight
A different type of battle -- when dire straits
Cause friends to turn to foes. Can she now learn
A business woman's acumen? to lead
When leading's needed, and to wise discern
The true friend -- they who wish you to succeed
(e'en though sometimes their news is hard to hear)
From smooth-tongued, facile foe who, smiling still,
Mouths lies and platitudes, all insincere?
Can firechilde learn this necessary skill?
Betrayal teaches strong but painfully
Beauty within's worth more than that you see.



Comes now the firechilde   Whitefire's creation,
Sings down Stardancer,   Aelfars' Wonder;
Flashing eyes brightly   Shining like serpent's;
Sinister standing,   Wolf Father's daughter.
Tree foe hot burning   War spear shafts smoothing;
Sinuous banners,   Spear and bright war axe
Bold double bladed   Deeply blood biting.
World's wyrding learning   Runes and their magic;
Many wrought careful:   Runes never-ending,
Blunting the sword-edge,   Soothing all sorrows,
Runes of life warding:   Shelter for friendless.
Black coated warrior   Wearing wild war sark,
Gold-brow war-ridden,   Fierce battle sister;
Shapings of Sleipnir,   Shaggy mane shaking;
Life's-blood fierce stamping,   Trampling mad reavers,
Home holt defending;   Comes now for resting.
Bravely now wears she   Bracelets of warriors,
Gold flashing brightly;   Generous gifting.
Arduous training   Trying her courage;
Unequaled effort:   Thorn of Konungr.



New bud bursts through snow
Life decisions loom -- what fun!
Where shall I blossom?


Dakini Stardancer copyright © 2000, 2001 B. "Collie" Collier