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"Snugs!" Body Language On-line

Sociology 135: Non-verbal Communication
Prof. D. Archer
Copyright © 1999 B. A. Collie Collier

Appendix: Interview Questions

"First the standard and obligatory 'responsible researcher' part. I know you've heard this before, but I really need to repeat it so you're quite clear (and hopefully comfortable ;) on what I'm doing here.

"I'm writing a paper for my non-verbal communication sociology class on (you guessed it) non-verbal communication. Also, I am logging this. However, I will not quote you /directly/, using your alias, in the paper without your express permission. Should you give me permission to quote you, I will be using the alias of your choice, so as to preserve your anonymity to the general public, and I will not reveal to anyone who you are. You should be aware that anyone else you know may well recognize the alias you use, however. Please, feel free to ask should you have any questions, and if you're uncomfortable with any of the questions I ask you should also feel free to politely let me know that you'd rather not answer that question. Hopefully none of the questions will be offensive, but I don't want anyone to feel pushed or forced. Also, this shouldn't take too terribly long - I have less than 10 questions. ;)

"Got all that? ;)

"So... first things first. Do I have your permission to quote you, and if so what alias would you prefer I use?

"We're going to talk here about OOC socialization, as in how /you/ (not the character) communicate with others, using the character 'mask,' i.e. you're using your character's name here on the screen, but you're giving /your/ opinions. Make sense? ;)

"Okay. Also, please let me note that if asked I'm more than willing to do typo editing, BTW. Other interviewees told me how much they'd appreciate that, so I do offer it if you want. ;)

"Now the questions:

"What attracts you to the on-line gaming environment?

"How do you define 'body language' on-line? Can you give some examples?

"Do you feel people's 'poses' are used to communicate ideas or concepts that are not 'dialogue'?

"When do you use third-person poses? Are there particular times or situations that you feel are most appropriate for them?

"Do you make a distinction between dialogue and poses?

"Is posing body language harder or easier for you on-line, as opposed to in real life?

"Does your on-line use of body language (if any) make real life body language easier or harder for you to use? Can you give an example?

"Do you use emoticons? Do you react differently to the different ones? Can you give an example?

"Do you use say-verbs? Do you feel they enhance your communication at all?

"Do you find any differences communicating in the text-mode environment? If so, why/how?

"Finally, do you have any questions you want to ask?

"One last favor to ask of you, please! Could I ask you NOT to talk to anyone about the interview? Not that you did one -- I want LOTS of folks to interview! ;) -- but what I asked & what you said?


The Non-verbal Communication Paper:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendix
  • Tables

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