Appendix A

[Note: while the layout of the survey may be visually unappealing on paper, it has been designed with an eye towards clarity in the on-line format: clear, compact paragraphs with space between them. Charts and tables are not feasible via e-mail, considering that many people do not have the software to correctly interpret them.]

E-mailed Opening Paragraphs for Survey

INTRODUCTION: Many participants in net MU*s create characters that bear little resemblance to themselves. While they are on-line, they play these characters, both during and after the events of a game scenario. I hope to use the following questionnaire to collect data for a sociology research paper, which poses the question: Why do participants in net MU*s engage in 'masked' pseudonymous play when OOC? Or stated slightly differently, when offered the chance to 'be themselves,' why do MU* participants frequently stay partially IC?

No name or personal identification will be associated with any of your answers. Confidentiality in all aspects of this study will be scrupulously maintained. Furthermore, it is not the intent of this questionnaire to embarrass or upset anyone. Therefore, should you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with a question, please feel free to leave it blank.

I hope everyone will consider the relationship of researcher and participant to be two-way. Any suggestions or comments you make will be much appreciated. Also, upon completion of the paper I will post it on my web site, and will send the URL to all participants.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Please do not discuss this survey with anyone until the report is up on the web site! Also, the following terms will be used in the questionnaire:
Joe Smith The Player, in real life, iRL
Mallick the Character, on-line
Joe, connected as Mallick, responding as Joe Off-stage
Joe, connected as Mallick, responding as Joe, in Mallick's idiom Masked
Joe, connected as Mallick, responding as Mallick In character, IC
Joe, connected as Joe, responding as Joe Out of character, OOC

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