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Anti-Gun Propaganda and Controlling Violent Crime

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The following bibliography has had added to it links to as many of the papers as I could find. Unfortunately, while I could find complete copies of most of the pro-gun papers and research on the net, I could not find similarly complete copies of the anti-gun research. Instead you will find, here and in the "Related Information" section, the best I could do: a few links to similar papers or sites, or synopses of the anti-gun research that state what they believe was proved by their papers.

I am sorry not to be able to provide a more balanced perspective for my readers, but this is the most complete information I could find. Needless to say, if you know of a site that contains the complete papers and research for the anti-gun sources listed here, please write me, as I would be very happy to be able to provide a link to it! ;-)

That is not to say that we can relax our readiness to defend ourselves. Our armament must be adequate to the needs, but our faith is not primarily in these machines of defense but in ourselves.
--Chester Nimitz

There are frequent allusions to other papers and books in the footnotes of articles I read. I have attempted, as much as possible, to credit original authors. However, I could not always glean all the MLA relevant information from the footnote references. I have included all the information I could find.

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(unfortunately I could not find a copy of this paper on the net. Try clicking here for a very brief abstract. Also, if you know of an address for it or any other currently unreachable source here, I'd greatly appreciate you writing me! ;-)

Kopel, David B., The Samurai, The Mountie, and the Cowboy. 1992.
(for a review of the book click here or click here)

-----. "Trust the People: The Case Against Gun Control." 3 J. On Firearms and Pub. Pol'y 77, 83. 1990.
(for more information click here)

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----- & Peter Rossi, Weapons, Crime and Violence in America 26. U.S. Dep't of Justice. 1981
(if I understand correctly, Under the Gun: Weapons, Crime & Violence in America is the book form of this report, written by the above authors and Kathleen Daly. Click on the title for a review of the book.)

[and added later in the footnotes]

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Special Report, Guns and Ammo. 50-51, October 1995.

Kopel, David B., Article from the New York Law School Journal of International and Comparative Law. From the Internet. 1995.


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