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    Yes, this is the University of California at Santa Cruz' banana slug. Yes, I go to Santa Cruz, although it perplexes me also on occasion, and yes, you can order your own breathtaking banana slug stuff from the banana slug homepage... 'fiat slug' and all that. ;-) The border below that (if my memory serves me correctly -- I'm afraid a computer crash lost me some of my crediting notes) came from Varian's Angeldreams. As always, Varian's stuff is beautiful.


    The two textures in the top row are public domain (from what I was told) and gotten off the internet.

    The middle texture on the left is also public domain, while the middle texture on the right is some rather nice work that David McFadzean created, and has kindly allowed me to use. He also has some fascinating pages on mimetics.

    On the bottom row, the lovely purple background on the left was something Varian gave me after admiring and then slightly modifying the soft grey background on the right, that I use so much here -- thank you so much, Varian! ;-)


  • Textures Page I
  • Textures Page III

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